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I may have mentioned, I'm writing for an antiques website called Collectors Weekly, and I'm really into it.

More importantly (to you), the site is full of music geekery.

1. Do you like to fight about Top 10s? I know you do! My young colleague just posted his list of the "Top 10 Albums of the 2000s." Think he's right? He's totally wrong?" Tell him: http://bit.ly/c3Wk1B

2. An artist just posted these pieces he made out of old vinyl, and it's just "Whoa!" http://bit.ly/cJ4QjD

(This "Show & Tell section is awesome because you can post whatever you geek out on. I just put up some photos, including a story about my grandparents swing-dancing to Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa: http://bit.ly/cDVHJI)

3. Vinyl nerds! We have more collector nerdy than you can shake a stick at! British invasion! http://bit.ly/b0dUSE Psych records! http://bit.ly/1LMNUU Beatles memorabilia and 78s! http://bit.ly/aNQQRL Coming soon: Blue Note.

4. Gear heads! We also have guitar collecting nerdery: http://bit.ly/Xrcpa Uke nerdery, too: http://bit.ly/aMGN7H

5. Posters, too! My editor is a Fillmore poster obsessive. Check out his amusing tale of wrangling for a Phish poster yesterday. http://bit.ly/a4aLhu

+ My latest piece is on '60s dresses http://bit.ly/b77Hm8+ and I'm soon going to post an interview about female superheroes of the past century.

Part 2: Regular five

1. Arcade Fire, "The Suburbs." I have to say, it didn't wow me on the first listen. But the second time around, it touched me. It's more standard pop-rock with '80s and old-timey influences, but it's still brilliant – well-crafted, beautiful and moving. This line kills me: "It seems strange, how we used to wait for letters to arrive. But what's stranger still is how something so small can keep you alive." MP3: http://bit.ly/98bsgq

2. Menomena, "Mines." This album is more disjointed and slow-moving than the others. It's no where near on par with "I Am the Fun Blame Monster," or even "Friend & Foe." That said, it's Menomena, and it's still freaking awesome. Songs like "Tithe" and "Killemall" haunt me. MP3s here! http://bit.ly/9aK9lX

3. Spoon on Jimmy Fallon with Questlove! http://bit.ly/9515YB I looove this song, "No One Gets Me But You." Is there anyone else obsessed with "Transference"? I'm itching to talk about it.

4. "Disciplinarian punk" band Generalissimo put on a blistering show last Thursday. You should buy their new record. http://www.generalissimo.mu/

5. My former Flavorpill cohort Andy Phillips and his team at MOG just launched this awesome new music blog. They have an exclusive of Oakland's the Packs new song called, "Titties." I have not listened to it yet, so I don't know if it offends me. http://www.mogmusicnetwork.com/

- Les Savy Fav, "Root for Ruin." This album is so boring it makes me want to cry. It's possibly even more boring than "Go Forth." "Inches" and "Let's Stay Friends" are so great. W'happened?


++ I will be at the Mother's Cookies Factory in Oakland tonight to see Conan Neutron play with Hurry Up Shotgun and the return of Ghost to Atom. Plus, Portland hotties Wisdom Teef. Come say hi!


Lisa DL

PS Follow me on Twitter at @lisahix
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