Normal is the new overweight

FEAR the Freshman 15. Bill O'Reilly has kept his waistline down - isn't that great?

What's so interesting about all these comments, as someone on [ profile] kissmyass_cosmo pointed out, is that MeMe, as psychotic as she is, is debating "health." She's like some overzealous schoolmarm who smacks the doughnut out of your hand and thinks there's only a 15-pound range of "health." Of course, Americans SHOULD eat better and exercise, just as the corporations SHOULD put healthy whole foods on the market. But limiting "health" to ridiculous TV beauty standards, where, on "America's Next Top Model" a size 6 is considered "plus-size," is ridiculous. And triggering for eating disorders - which are much more deadly than the Freshman 15.

It's just like those tabloids that scream "Nicole Richie is UNHEALTHY at 98 pounds!!!" and on the next page, "Jessica Simpson is FAT: 130 pounds!!!" Nicole is seen as "healthy" at 110 and Jessica is "healthy" at 115. So there's a 32 pound range between anorexic and obese? How do they get these numbers anyway? Do paparazzi carry scales around with them? Height is never ever mentioned.

But I digress. The totally irrelevant factor that comes into play in the comments about this MeMe Roth discussion of "health" is looks and how men feel about these women's looks. We're talking about health, and men have to chime in, "Well, I would **** her." Because you wanting to **** her determines her health? How does that work, exactly?

Then it devolves into a discussion of who is hotter, MeMe or Jordin? Jordin champs get called "chubby chasers" and MeMe is called a boney, disgusting, boyish bitch. Oh boy! Here we go again! Fat vs. Flat: Round 1 million. You can't have a world where men have different sexual preferences and all sorts of women, the curveless and those with curves, are attractive, no. Everyone gets insulted! Hey, weren't we talking about health?
Explain to me what universe we're living in where Mandy Moore is "big" or "fat"? Maybe she's tall and has large bone structure (really, I had no idea), but the girl is skinny. Really, I always thought of her as a teeny, wispy girl. And Alicia Silverstone? Fat?

Also, America Ferrara has a beautiful hourglass figure, as do so many "fat" starlets, where as real-life "fat" people are not so pleasantly shaped. I like that Sienna Miller is straight-up about airbrushing.

It's a stupid world we live in )



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