Something I forgot to mention: LaNada told me that the Shoshones have a matriarchal society, because women had to run the roost when men were out hunting or fighting. Or worse, if the men were killed in battle, the women had to keep the tribe functioning. In battles, she said, men were the first line of defense, followed by women, followed by the children.

Sunday, my last day started out very mellow. The kids didn't wake up until 3 p.m. or so. Emma told me she would make salmon and fry bread for lunch. Leela's grandmother came over and showed me how she was stretching a hide to make into moccasins or clothes. I played Scrabble with Rozina's 8-year-old daughter Zahnive, whose name means "beautiful." When Lacy came over, she joined in the game. It was nice and relaxing; and I was starting to get use to country life.

But the peace was disrupted, unfortunately. )

We were supposed to go to The Crater and the Moon to see the lava flows and visit a hot springs, or maybe go swimming at Bottoms. Unfortunately, the bad news put a halt to all that. They keep asking me when I come back. I have to go to Fort Hall Festival, and meet Leela parents, and see the things I didn't see. Now I have a whole other family to visit!

Willow and Naki are currently in stable condition.
Sundance "telephone poles to God"

Sacred sites and silly people )

I thought this guy was really cute with his little dog and his hazel eyes. Bad me, I don't remember his name! I met him at the tribal BBQ. He's wearing warrior paint to help him with the battles he's struggling with his life.

Leela and her godmother LaNada WarJack, found me at baggage claim at the SLC airport, and greeted me with big, warm hugs, which diffused a good deal of my nervousness. SLC had a downpour right before I arrived, so the landscape on the way to Idaho was particularly breath-taking, with dark rain clouds clinging to the tops of endless mountains as the sun slowly made its way down.

My education, part 1 )



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