Check it out:

My interview with Mary Timony (formerly of Helium).

“With Helium, I was strongly thinking about women's empowerment and a lot of the song lyrics had to do with that,” Timony says. Yet she insists that for The Shapes We Make, she didn’t put much thought into her lyrics — they just came tumbling out in a stream-of-consciousness way. Regardless, her feminist leanings come to the surface, especially in a song like “Pause/Off,” in which she berates a protestor outside a pharmacy and commands anti-abortion politicians to "Get your laws off my body."

Taking a lyrical stand like this makes the 37-year-old a little nervous. “I remember after The Dirt of Luck came out, [the reaction] was just awful,” she says. “The way I was treated by a lot of male writers. I was labeled as the crazy girl who’s really angry. It was a weird time. I was only 24, and there were women writers who totally understood. I think that whole experience of talking to so many guy writers who didn’t get it — who were like, ‘What up with you? Why are you crazy?’ — it just made me not want to talk about it. I'm just a little bit anxious about that line in that song. It’s something I really care about, but having to deal with people’s negative reaction can suck.”

So lonely

Apr. 27th, 2007 08:56 pm
Today, on my way to meet Erika Christiansen for lunch at Zebulon (located in a shady San Francisco alley), I got a stern barking to by a pit bull belonging to a homeless man. Freaked me out! Then on my way back, I saw this woman lying in a doorway, vomit by her feet and by her mouth. It looked as though she fell and dropped a Jamba Juice cup. Her clothes were clean, but she had large, dirty hands - in fact, I thought she was a man at first. I called 911, and the dispatcher told me to talk to her. I asked her if she needed medical help and she shook her head without opening her eyes. The 911 voice said, "Well thanks for calling." It made me sad, what a lonely world we live in. The mother in me feels as though there should be an organization, like a hospital, that will come clean up your vomit, pick you up off the sidewalk and wash your face and hands, put you in a nice bed to sleep.

I know it's possibly her own fault and she drank herself into a stupor, and that no one but her can help her kick her addictions. But still, it's sad. I would like to think if I was lying on a San Francisco sidewalk, one of my friends would find me, pick me up and carry me to their apartment, make me some soup. I feel that I know enough people that could happen, and I'm grateful.

You know all those people who could pay $100 to see the Police reunion, I'll bet maybe 5 percent of them like the Police the way I do. I'm guessing it's all guys who like to bellow, "ROOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXX-Anne!" and women who think "Every Breath You Take" is the most romantic song ever, and all those millions of people who bought the Police Greatest Hits for those two songs. I'll bet most of them weren't reading transcendentalists in a wood-paneled apartment while spinning old Polices LPs and singing along to "Bombs Away" and "Man in a Suitcase" and "So Lonely." Yeah, that was me. I just remembered: I love the Police a lot. Damn. Who's with me?

Music that's really good:

Thee More Shallows' new record

The Coma Lilies (reference to Memento Mori, I love it)

Juan Prophet Organization:

Mary Timony is really nice. I'm starting to like "The Magic City" and "Mountains," too.

Zoe, "No Me Destruyas" (Don't Destroy Me)

This is the cutest music video I've seen in a long time:

Vaquero, "Sunshine"

Nuevo-Edge was advertised on Nerve today! Really, check it out.

Also! I got EMI Latin to send me six CDs including Zoe, Moenia, Miranda, and Plastilina Mosh. How rad is that? I'm love with Zoe.
firebreath613: (grass)
I mean, I like Band of Horses, and S, too, but really it was Mat Brooke's voice that ripped my heart out and made me swallow it whole. Ben Bridwell: Great singer, but he's just tugging at my heart, not completely devastating it.

If you've never heard "Ugly Valentine," listen to it here:
What about you? I need to see when Andrew Bird and Arcade Fire tickets go on sale: Those are for-sure sell-outs. I kind of want to see the reunited Police. But only if they play the songs like they were written. If they're jazz-lite Stingified version, forget it.

Peter, Bjorn and John will probably sell out, too.

Sun 4.1

MUSIC: Black Fiction @ the Uptown

Mon 4.2

MUSIC: Lily Allen @ the Fillmore

Tues 4.3

MUSIC: The Thermals @ Bottom (CHI 128)

Sun 4.22

MUSIC: Xiu Xiu, Sunset Rubdown @ Bottom

Mon 4.23

MUSIC: Xiu Xiu, Sunset Rubdown @ Bottom

Thur 4.26

MUSIC: Klaxons, Amy Winehouse @ Popscene

MUSIC: The Cribs, Birdmonster @ the Independent

Tue 5.1

MUSIC: Andrew Bird @ the Fillmore

Sat 5.5

MUSIC: Califone w/ Eric Johnson and Fruit Bats @ Bottom

Tue 5.15

MUSIC: Peter, Bjorn and John @ Bimbo's

Wed 5.16

MUSIC: Peter, Bjorn and John @ Bimbo's

Fri 6.1


Sat 6.2


Mon 6.4

MUSIC: Pretty Girls Make Graves @ GAMH

Wed 6.13

MUSIC: The Police @ McAfee Coliseum
There was a convergence of troubadours. It was seriously awesome:

LOS ANGELES, CA - The WB's hit series "Gilmore Girls" will wrap its sixth season of production in the next week with some of the biggest names in indie music making guest appearances on the season finale, airing May 9 (8-9 p.m. ET). The special episode, written by show executive producers Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino, will feature Joe Pernice, Sparks, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Yo La Tengo, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth (with their daughter Coco) and Sam Phillips.

I love Grant Lee Phillips as The Troubadour. I wish I still had my Grant Lee Buffalo record. I shouldn't have sold any records until I had the technology to save my favorite songs.

Finally ...

Mar. 2nd, 2006 02:21 pm
So you probably know I've been working on a story known as "T-shirt surgery" for a looooong time.

It finally got written and published: here and here.

In other news, I am going to be on a panel:

Noise Pop Welcomes Indie Night School

Noise Pop has teamed up with New York City's successful Indie Night School to explore the many aspects of running a band professionally and independently. Indie Night School is one of the best resources out there for independent musicians and music biz professionals and starting at 1pm on Saturday April 1st INS will bring their "school" to Noise Pop in an all day affair. Some of the biggest players in independent music will be gathering at the Makeout Room for a crash course in running a band in San Francisco, addressing issues such as "Getting Your Music Reviewed" and "Getting Booked at the top clubs in San Francisco".

Confirmed Speakers Include:
Jaan Uhelszki (SF Chronicle/Founder Of Creem)
Kimberly Chun (SF Bay Guardian)
Brian Brophy (Managing Editor, Mesh SF)
Deb Zeller (Playing In Fog)
Michelle Panache (Panache Magazine)
Lisa Hix (Managing Editor, Flavorpill SF)
Christian Bernhardt (Kork Agency)
More TBA

April 1, 2006
Makeout Room
Tickets $12

"Biggest players in the independent music scene" - wow.

I have so many good stories I don't have time to tell you. I had a pretty good weekend. Last weekend was a pretty good weekend, too, before the whole falling down the stair incident.
It was actually harder than I expected - details, details.

Here's my podcast:

I can't even stand to listen to it, I worked on it so much:

We're taking turns on this. Next week, it's Reyhan Harmanci, then Daniel King.



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