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In case you were worried: I conquered present tense. Late, but what do you do?

1. Oh man, the roller derby bout was soo cool. I have to become a Bay Area Derby Girl! I WAS BORN TO DO IT.

I was excited when I heard about it. I thought, well, yeah, I can skate, but I'm kind of averse to pain and violence. But after watching them I figured out — they don't get hurt THAT bad. They have helmets and knee pads, etc. They can't punch or pull hair. All I'd really have to do to be a roller derby rock star is

A. Skate fast
B. Dodge people
C. Keep my balance
D. Know how to fall

I am excellent at all those things. I'd have to be a jammer, because I'm not really strong enough to knock people over. Plus the derby look is so my look: colorful T-shirt, flirty skirt, fishnets, knee-high socks. I want to be on the SF ShEviel Dead because their outfits are cuter (Sorry Oakland!).

Of course, there's the whole one-femur-longer-than-the-other issue. Now that my lifts make me stand straight all the time, I don't know how much I can skate crooked. Last time I went skating on the lake, I paid in pain. I also don't know if I could skate back straight, one knee higher than the other. Hmmm.... The whole leg-shortening surgery is looking better everyday. The doctor said I could recover completely. The Internet talks about muscle weakness where you get shorter. Hmm.... I could buy nice shoes. And wear them! Like a girl!

Oh yeah, and maybe not having health insurance, also an issue.

Oh, I ran into Harmon Leon at the after party. He's a nice guy. He invited me to another party, but I really didn't feel up to it.

2. The Architeckz turf dancing was so rad on Saturday. Hooray for Clubland for getting me into two awesome (and pricey) events for free!

I want to learn hip-hop dancing. I don't know if I need to learn turf dancing, necessarily. I would totally take the free classes at Youth UpRising if I were young enough. Maybe they'd make an exception for a Chron reporter? Reyhan and I are going to write a turf dancing/hyphy story. Actually, that's a really good idea. Wow, I'm glad I thought of that!

Yes, I think hip-hop is the first dance class I want to take. I wish I had more of those CDs they play, too, like Black Eyed Peas. For a while I was dying to do belly dance. Then I was thinking about Burlesquercise. Which was usurped by bhangra. But now, hip-hop is my first choice. Wouldn't be so cool to learn every kind of dance? I should go to Barefoot Boogie with Chanelle. Maybe I can avoid unsavory characters if we stick together.

Imagine that. Physical activity that I like and I'm good at! We're talking about a woman who sucks at bowling and mini-golf, ha ha.

3. Sunday, I met my SF contributing editors at Frjtz – which is my new favorite place in the city, as it has fries, beer, good salad and a great patio. All the boys, all very young and well-educated, are awesome. They want to help me out. Toby used to work in the New York office, so he has the inside scoop.

Also: I can seriously go to like two events every week -- de nada! And if we throw writers parties, companies will GIVE US ALCOHOL. That's pretty cool. I have to exploit these things, being broke and all.

4. I got my hair fixed. The first cut was a horror show. I looked like Sally Field from the '80s. I went back to the hairdresser, and she said, "I see what you mean." Stylists never seem to understand: I have vaguely curly hair and I do not "blow it out" and if it's remotely close to the same length it's really scary hair-rocker BIG. Saved in time for NY. Phew!




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