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I've talked to Amy from Venus, and to my relief, she said she was very impressed with my resume and cover. She said I got cut because I didn't submit any short stories like they run in "Up Front." It's funny because I write all sorts of short pieces for Flavorpill, but my bad. She suggested I would make a good Venus music editor in the future - awesome!

You have to listen to this. It's my most favorite Internet radio station ever, out of Mexico and Spain:

They play the oddball music, like field recordings of BART and wild animals, mixed in with indie pop and electronica from Mexico and all over the world. There are two pop-ups when you first open the site, but that's it. I don't know why this doesn't piss me off the way avant-garde on KALX does. Maybe it's because there isn't some stoned music snob DJ blathering on about the universe. OK, there probably is, but hell if I know. Maybe because it's so well mixed - it's magically well mixed. Maybe I have a higher tolerance for weirdness when I'm working as opposed to driving.

We're doing a project at Flavorpill that's basically a vehicle for Don Julio tequila ads. We're doing a Mexican-themed event preview and magazine. But it's really fun, actually.

So now I'm geeking out and getting into Latin pop. I've been listening to Cafe Tacuba, Natalia y La Forquetina, Ely Guerra, Belanova, Aterciopelados. And now I'm doing a story on Mexican Internet radio, and unearthing all sorts of great music. I don't know why discovering great Mexican music excites me more than American music.

This station is super fun if you like hooky, poppy punk. Mi Mama Me Mima came out of the Guadalajara punk scene:

This station is very good for dance music, and trust me, I hate bad dance music:

Now, I'm listening to Rock Sin Frontera, which is hit or miss, but always interesting:

I want to know another language. I wish I could take a class that would magically give me the ability to speak Spanish. I took three years and I know bits and pieces - common words and phrases. The Google translater is a hoot, because it can't distinquish between different meanings of a word, so "what" and "that" and "for" and "by" and so on get mixed up. And possessives are a nightmare of prepositions.

World Vibe is another project that's surprisingly fun. If you don't know, I do basically listings for the Chron's 96 Hours weekend section every week. But I discover all sorts of cool story ideas. In the vein of Internet radio (again), did you know there's a Russian station out of San Jose started by some cute young Eastern European DJs?

So now I bring you my newest feature:

Mexican artist of the post:

Pinches Cuerpos
After the shit storm of the past month, it's a relief.

1. I finally got to publish a legitimate feature story on a really cool kid who drove a bus out of New Orleans.

- The Insight section editor was impressed with my work and asked me to write for him again. Since he doesn't know me from Joe, this is a big compliment.

- Two different people just emailed me and said they would like to help Courtney anyway they can, including getting plane tickets to LA. That almost makes me want to cry.

2. Toby came back from Senegal and immediately hooked me up with a British car-and-culture mag called Intersection that's going to give me a SIX PAGE SPREAD on hyphy for $800. Now, in the magazine world is not a lot for 2,500 words. But I'm going to do that much research for the Chron anyway, and I'll get only $600 for two stories. So that's much much more money.

3. Today I sent in an application to Venus, one of my favorite mags, for yet another part-time gig. They've already taken down the Craig's List email link - boo! But I sent it in to the editor & publisher and feedback and the old editor of the section. They'll look at it, right? I really really really want this gig. It's like my low-paying dream job.

4. I've been getting email that makes me all warm and fuzzy. I have lots of crushes. Today it feels like a good thing.



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