I may have mentioned, I'm writing for an antiques website called Collectors Weekly, and I'm really into it.

More importantly (to you), the site is full of music geekery.

1. Do you like to fight about Top 10s? I know you do! My young colleague just posted his list of the "Top 10 Albums of the 2000s." Think he's right? He's totally wrong?" Tell him: http://bit.ly/c3Wk1B

2. An artist just posted these pieces he made out of old vinyl, and it's just "Whoa!" http://bit.ly/cJ4QjD

(This "Show & Tell section is awesome because you can post whatever you geek out on. I just put up some photos, including a story about my grandparents swing-dancing to Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa: http://bit.ly/cDVHJI)

3. Vinyl nerds! We have more collector nerdy than you can shake a stick at! British invasion! http://bit.ly/b0dUSE Psych records! http://bit.ly/1LMNUU Beatles memorabilia and 78s! http://bit.ly/aNQQRL Coming soon: Blue Note.

4. Gear heads! We also have guitar collecting nerdery: http://bit.ly/Xrcpa Uke nerdery, too: http://bit.ly/aMGN7H

5. Posters, too! My editor is a Fillmore poster obsessive. Check out his amusing tale of wrangling for a Phish poster yesterday. http://bit.ly/a4aLhu

+ My latest piece is on '60s dresses http://bit.ly/b77Hm8+ and I'm soon going to post an interview about female superheroes of the past century.

Part 2: Regular five

1. Arcade Fire, "The Suburbs." I have to say, it didn't wow me on the first listen. But the second time around, it touched me. It's more standard pop-rock with '80s and old-timey influences, but it's still brilliant – well-crafted, beautiful and moving. This line kills me: "It seems strange, how we used to wait for letters to arrive. But what's stranger still is how something so small can keep you alive." MP3: http://bit.ly/98bsgq

2. Menomena, "Mines." This album is more disjointed and slow-moving than the others. It's no where near on par with "I Am the Fun Blame Monster," or even "Friend & Foe." That said, it's Menomena, and it's still freaking awesome. Songs like "Tithe" and "Killemall" haunt me. MP3s here! http://bit.ly/9aK9lX

3. Spoon on Jimmy Fallon with Questlove! http://bit.ly/9515YB I looove this song, "No One Gets Me But You." Is there anyone else obsessed with "Transference"? I'm itching to talk about it.

4. "Disciplinarian punk" band Generalissimo put on a blistering show last Thursday. You should buy their new record. http://www.generalissimo.mu/

5. My former Flavorpill cohort Andy Phillips and his team at MOG just launched this awesome new music blog. They have an exclusive of Oakland's the Packs new song called, "Titties." I have not listened to it yet, so I don't know if it offends me. http://www.mogmusicnetwork.com/

- Les Savy Fav, "Root for Ruin." This album is so boring it makes me want to cry. It's possibly even more boring than "Go Forth." "Inches" and "Let's Stay Friends" are so great. W'happened?


++ I will be at the Mother's Cookies Factory in Oakland tonight to see Conan Neutron play with Hurry Up Shotgun and the return of Ghost to Atom. Plus, Portland hotties Wisdom Teef. Come say hi!


Lisa DL

PS Follow me on Twitter at @lisahix
My Collectors Weekly blog on stilettos, sexuality, Chinese foot-binding, and Cinderella got picked up last week by Bust!


Even better - They called me "Our own Lisa Hix." I love it. It makes me feel like a member of the feminist media. I did have the abortion doula article in the February issue, and the feminist porn article in the May issue. I'm talking to my editor about profiling an eccentric young artist I found in Norman, OK (represent!).

Bust has 13,000+ followers on Twitter and 15,000 on Facebook. With the promos on About-Face and Woodhull Institute, that added up to about 300+ unique page views. Which really impressed my bosses.

(By the way, if you want to give me page views, it is here: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/our-bodies-our-stilettos/)

I've just re-interviewed Mike Madrid on female superheroes, and I've talked to underground comix feminist leader Trina Robbins about her new book on SF Chinatown nightlife in the '40s, vintage clothes from the '20s, female superheroes and a whole host of other things. Next week, my bosses put me on an investigation of museum policies.

Also, I am grateful to [livejournal.com profile] simulacrum for contributing to Show & Tell. My bosses love you!
One of the more exciting aspects of my new job is that my bosses WANT me to inject feminist sensibility into the Collectors Weekly blog, and are happy to have me spark controversy.

We had an interview with Elizabeth Semmelhack, a woman who curates a shoe museum in Toronto. It seems she's actually on a tear against high heels, and was quoted into an NPR article on how they hurt your Achilles tendon. We had these quotes about sexual power and stilettos, but they were buried under collector chat. So I told Dave that I could write a blog about it, focusing on the more buzzy gender politics angle.

And voila! A blog packed with the history of the stiletto and its impact on the man-woman power dynamic, plus its connections to Chinese foot-binding, Cinderella, and TMI about my deformed skeleton.

Our bodies, our stilettos

I've managed to get it reblogged at About-Face ("Why I have decided that high heels are evil") and at the Woodhull Institute (full reprint). Also, the lovely Melissa Walker, former Elle Girl editor, young-adult author, and creator of the hilarious Before You Were Hot blog tweeted it. (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bonniegrrl and Flavorpill for tweeting the Pekar blog!) I haven't had any luck with Bust, Bitch, and Jezebel so far.

Speaking of Collectors Weekly, I really do love this place, so I am pimping it out of the generosity of my own heart. I know many of you (I'm looking at you [livejournal.com profile] simulacrum and [livejournal.com profile] whataboutprom) have great collections. Vintage clothes, hats, pins; old comic books; records; cameras; antique furniture; etc. etc. I would love it if my friends, for fun, wanted to take over the "Show & Tell" section.


You post a picture (of something preferably older than you are) and tell why it's special to you. Fun, right? I'm going to make this plea on Facebook, too.

In other news, I've joined Twitter, if you don't already know. I'm @lisahix. I'm kind of scared of it.

Oh, and I'm thinking of renaming my Don't Call It Cute blog Don't Want to Be Your Girlfriend. Get this - that goofy, loving song [livejournal.com profile] neutron_x, Stephanie, and Trott wrote for me HAS GOTTEN 8,558 VIEWS IN 3 YEARS. That is nuts.

Hmmm, Google says it's a Melissa Etheridgey type song by someone named Kelli Owens. On "The Replacements" soundtrack, which sadly, has nothing to do with The Replacements. Maybe that would confuse Google?
I know I've been sort of a Debbie Downer de-motivational speaker lately. But I would be remiss if I failed to mention how much I like my new job. My new bosses are SO NICE. And they're going to let me blog, which is awesome.

Today, I got to publish my first Collectors Weekly blog post, a tribute to Harvey Pekar.

Harvey Pekar: The Splendor of an Ordinary Life


More on this later.
They have a staff writing job open, too, I believe ... from Media Bistro

Editor, Knit Today Magazine

Publication or Company Future US
Industry Magazine Publishing
Job Duration Full Time
Job Location South San Francisco, CA USA
Job Requirements Future Plus, the highly dynamic custom publishing division of leading publisher Future US (www.futureus.com), is seeking an extremely talented, extraordinarily creative Editor to work on a brand new crafting magazine launch.

Sound like a dream job? It most certainly is!

Published six times a year, Knit Today magazine delivers patterns, how-tos, features and news stories to knitting fans of all ages. As part of Futures Knit Today team, the Editor is flexible, proactive and is able to act autonomously to effectively deliver on the responsibilities outlined below. This job is a full-time position at Futures offices in South San Francisco.

Position requirements:

Ensures all work produced is of the highest quality and meets the magazines standards.
Works with other editorial team members and the Editorial Director to ensure cutting edge quality and client satisfaction.
Create copy that delivers on and regularly exceeds customer as well as client satisfaction, and is delivered before deadline.
Work with the Art Director/Designers to help them understand your copy so that they can create a page that helps bring your vision to full potential.
Help specify photography or screenshots that will ensure a high-quality visual experience is created.
When temporary or freelance staff is required, ensure that they are briefed and directed efficiently and cost-effectively.
Attend regular documented Editorial meetings for your team, and participate in discussions to address senior management directives, editorial issues and initiatives as well as conduct analysis of competitive and parallel markets to ensure Future Plus products are always on the cutting edge.
Encourage and realize market and editorial awareness.
Develop freelance writer and general contacts of worth and always be on the lookout for new and upcoming talent.
Editorial-conscious and aware of competitors magazines, realize appropriate content for the market and dissuade from self-indulgent/referential editorial style. Look to other areas of copy or content relevant to their markets for influence and inspiration.

Required Qualifications:
Ability to work well in a team environment
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment under tight deadlines
Strong communication skills
Minimum of 2 years full time editing/writing experience

What we offer:
A casual, comfortable dress environment with musicians, gamers and journalists roaming the halls.
A culture that encourages a passion for life both inside and outside of the office.
Generous 100% company paid medical, dental and vision plans.
Dont want to drive? Not to worry Future US offers a free shuttle from BART and CalTrain to the office.

To apply please click the link below:
About Our Company Future US is a leading publisher of special-interest magazines and websites and one of the fastest-growing media companies in the US. With market-leading publications in the Games, Music, Technology and men's and women's special-interest markets, Future's targeted publications reach a young, active, affluent and highly influential audience selling over 1.4 million copies per month. Future's web properties complement its print portfolio and currently reach more than 23 million unique visitors in the US each month.
Future US, Inc. is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Future US, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ultimate parent company, Future plc, an international publishing company headquartered in the UK with offices in the US and Australia.
Let me know, text me or something. I'll put you down for Refer-A-Friend. Then someone can put me down, too.


EDIT: Never mind, found a taker! But feel free to say Lisa Hix referred you. ;)


Feb. 11th, 2010 01:31 pm
I wrote about a book in female superheroes. It's completely fascinating how women have been presented through this male-fantasy-centered genre. I discovered all sorts of wonderful characters from the '40s, crime-fighting women who had secret identities, like Lady Luck and Phantom Lady.

S.F. writer gives female superheroes their due (Disappointing headline, though)

Mike didn't have money to buy image rights, but he collected many of the panels and images here:


Another local author, Trina Robbins, has also written a lot about female superheroes.

I've been getting props from the Woodhull people for my story, which makes me happy:



In other news, I'm really glad SFist Brock got picked for the Nob Hill Gazette's Eligible List, so he couldn't rag on me too hard. He says there's a single mixers event attached to this?? I am intimidated.


I got my physical version in the mail, too. No picture of me in there.
This is really probably the coolest, most feminist, most revolutionary story I've worked on in a long time: Women who comfort other women while they're having abortions.

It's on page 81 of the Feb./March issue of Bust Magazine (America Ferrara is on the cover).


I'm totally excited about it. :)

In other revolutionary news: I really want to see Conan's Karl Rove culture-jam project become a huge success. Can you help?

Come to my house 7pm Wednesday!

We're watch the last two episodes together so we can OMG WTF at the same time. The finale will be at Stefanie and Bean's.

Lemme know if you wanna come: lhix2000 at hotmail
After much anticipation, and 50+ interviews, I present you "The Worst Man-Handling I've Ever Had." You can see my byline at your local grocery/convenience/book store in the Sept. issue of GLAMOUR, featuring Jessica Simpson on the cover. It's exactly on page 266.

Thanks again to everyone who emailed an offered to help, sending interviewees to me or answering my question yourself. If you live in California or NYC, I'm afraid the odds were more against you making it. I appreciate all your help and patience!

In the end, they only use four quotes, and only the "worst" stories. I am sure it was a matter of space.



Lookee - the cover leads you to it! (25 Naked Truths About Guys' Bodies)

The naughty bits here. Oh yeah, and it features Sean from Vitamin Party. )
I finally got my copy of my Moller Skycar story in the British car magazine Intersection (From Dec. '07/Jan '07). I am disappointed to learn that they didn't run my final draft, which I re-wrote top to bottom, and was more awesome than this version. Ah well.

Read more... )
I know that I'm lame ... Sometimes I go for several days where I can't really pay attention to LJ. But I still love you!

Anyway, I replied to old old comments I miss before.


Polyvinyl needs your help! Some of our distributor’s warehouses are being downsized or consolidated and they requested to destroy over 10,000 records or face the possibility of high storage costs.

Destroying the records is not an option (it’s too wasteful and besides, these are great records, they’re just overstocked)! Storing the records at our distributor is not an option (we cannot afford the thousands of dollars in storage costs). So to keep them from destruction, we’re hoping to have all the records shipped back to our office.

As you can see from the picture, this also creates a new set of problems!

We desperately need your help to clear out space in our backroom for everything to fit. Please help make this a win-win situation for everyone – we clear out space, we don’t have to destroy great records, and you get the opportunity to get some awesome music from the likes of Aloha, of Montreal, Mates of State, Joan of Arc, Mike Kinsella, Rainer Maria, and many more.

$5 Pledge gets you:
Mates of State "Two of Us" DVD

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Kyle Fischer / Mike Kinsella / Caithlin DeMarrais "Open Ground" CD
Mates of State "Two of Us" DVD
of Montreal "Icons Abstract Thee" CD
Raner Maria "Long Knives Drawn" CD
Saturday Looks Good to Me “Cold Colors” CD

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Aloha “Some Echoes” CD
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Kyle Fischer / Mike Kinsella / Caithlin DeMarrais "Open Ground" CD
Mates of State "Two of Us" DVD
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Joan of Arc “The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc” CD
Kyle Fischer / Mike Kinsella / Caithlin DeMarrais "Open Ground" CD
Mates of State "Two of Us" DVD
of Montreal "Icons Abstract Thee" CD
of Montreal “The Early Four Track Recordings” CD
Paris Texas “Action Fans Help Us!” CD
Pele “Elephant” CD
Picastro “Metal Cares” CD
Rainer Maria "Long Knives Drawn" CD
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Rainer Maria “Ears Ring” CD
Rainer Maria “Rainer Maria” CD
Saturday Looks Good to Me “Cold Colors” CD
ZZZZ “Palm Reader” CD
Nothing gets my goat more than being told to "calm down." Or being told I shouldn't be so combative or angry, because implied in that is I should be a nice, pretty, unoffensive girl who tells men in power what they want to hear.

So all this right-wing noise about Sonia Sotomayor being an unstable, angry woman has me on edge:


Please do share your thoughts!

Last night, I went to the benefit screening of "America the Beautiful," which originally came out in spring 2007. For someone who is very aware of media-messages to women about beauty and sexuality and how we as a culture respond, very little of the movie was surprising or new information. However, women (and men) receive hundreds and thousands of these negative messages every day, so I am always in favor of someone new trying to counter or break down these messages.

People always say, "Oh this has been said before!" Yes, but has it been said ENOUGH? How many headlines in a week screech, "Major Celebrity Gains 10 Pounds and Is Totally Fat Now." Oh, that's been said before. Does not stop them from saying it again.

Here is what made this film interesting to me:

* It comes from the point of view of a man, Chicago TV and radio personality Darryl Roberts, who himself had been obsessed with finding beauty and physical perfection in woman. And for him, it starts when he wakes up, like he just shook a deep hypnosis. He said it dawned on him he had a problem when the woman he ended a five-year relationship with married someone else. She was wonderful (and looking at the picture of her, lovely), everything he could ask for in a companion. But he, being friends with Michael Jordan, felt like he could have all that wonderfulness, in a hotter, more perfect package. He says, "What good is this obsession with beauty doing us? It certainly didn't make me happy."

* He talks to some dudes who are just cretins. Guys that you never ever want to see procreate. Guys who suggest that if Pamela Anderson and her ilk could be cloned, all other women could be disposed of. But interestingly, Roberts feels sympathy toward them - they, too, are "victims" of brain-washing.

* He asks several magazine editors, including Seventeen's Atoosa Rubenstein, if they feel socially responsible for women and girls feeling bad about themselves. They say the are not social workers and are in a business to make money. He is shocked by this. I am not.

* Roberts discovers a 12-year-old girl, called Gerren, who was becoming a sensation in the modeling world, and he follows her through three years of her life. Gerren, at first, seems to be playing in a world she doesn't entirely understand, prancing around in skimpy clothes. By age 13, she's a has-been. By age 15, her more womanly size 4 body is considered "obese" in France where she is trying to get a contract.

* He calls out "Dr. 90210's" Dr. Rey (You remember my friend, Dr. Rey?) for not being a board-certified plastic surgeon. In fact, no one of that show is board-certified. Roberts gives a very gruesome picture of the ugly, life-threatening side of plastic surgery.

* He has a very poignant segment about a girl who died of bulemia, talking to her parents. And they sadly explain how they subtly played a part in her demise, with the mom admitting she was critical of her own body in front of her daughter. She said, "Children think Mom is perfect and beautiful. And if you tell them you're not. They look at themselves and say, 'I have her body.'"

* Roberts calls out American cosmetic companies, too, for loading up their products with carcinogens. He buys a bunch of random products at Target, and has a Chicago lab test for their toxicity. The results are frightening. After the film, he explained that a major cosmetics company offered to sponsor his film for $1 million, if he just took out that "one little segment." After he said no, they secretly hired away his publicist, who called all 17 publications in NYC that had interviewed him about the opening and told them to pull their stories. Fortunately for him, one of the six people who saw his movie, happened to be the daughter of Meredith Vieira on "The Today Show."

It was inspiring to see how many people came out to this movie to support the cause, and to support About-Face and Beyond Hunger. I have been a huge fan of About-Face and its Gallery of Offenders since the mid-'90s, as decoding and picking apart these media messages has been my life's mission.

I am SUPER excited that I have applied to become one of About-Face's workshop leaders. If I get picked, I will get to go to middle schools, high schools and colleges and teach young women and men media literacy tools, how to understand and "jam" these messages coming at them all the time.

It warms my heart to see how many people are passion about fighting this problem. Afterward, we met up at Bittersweet chocolate cafe (milk-free hot chocolate + homemade marshmallows = pure bliss). I didn't have much of a chance to talk to Roberts, but instead I met a mom and her daughter, a delightful high school senior and About-Face volunteer who is doing her private-school thesis on the sexualization of little girls in our culture.

Interestingly, a woman - who is very pretty in all the stereotypical ways - asked Roberts the most insightful questions about his filmmaking process and whether he was sued. I kept asking myself, "Is that Vanessa Getty? She looks SO familiar!" (I only know who Vanessa Getty is because of all the years I spent editing the SF Chron's society column.) Finally, I introduced myself and she said, "Hi, I'm Jennifer" and explained that, yes, she is making a film about women in politics and power and how they are misrepresented.

I looked at her card at home and realized why she was so familiar: It was none other than Jennifer Siebel Newsom, "Mad Men" actress and pregnant wife to dreamboat Major Gavin Newsom. She was with fellow SF socialite and filmmaker Hilary Armstrong. (I am not the only person with Vanessa/Jen confusion.)

I need to come to these things with Don't Call It Cute cards. Because you never know when I could meet Ladies Who Lunch who can offer me financial backing.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 2009 6:30 PM

Clay Theater map
2261 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA
General Admission: $21.50
(12 and up)


I'm going to become a media literacy educator for About-Face, and I'm stoked. I'm going to go to middle schools and high schools and talk about how advertisers use images and words to manipulate people.

Also: Check out the photos my FWB took at last night's Prop. 8 protest:

Gotta go get some of these!

Being in a physical magazine is cool )

It's nice. Makes me feel like I've actually done something in spite of a million hours at my corporate "part-time" job and interviewing 100s of housemate candidates.



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